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Hasbro Drops Suit Against Scrabulous Developers

A classic!

Board game vendor Hasbro has dropped a months-old lawsuit against the makers of Scrabulous, a Facebook app for users that like to play Scrabble.

Rights to the original board game are co-owned by Hasbro and Mattel. The former sent a letter to Facebook in January, asserting that Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla, the creators of Scrabulous, infringed on their property. Facebook withdrew the app in August, when Mattel sent a similar request.

At its peak, Scrabulous served some 600,000 users per day worldwide. Due to geographic issues having to do with Hasbro and Mattel's co-ownership (the pair licensed online game development to two different companies, and neither game could operate within the same countries), authorized online versions of Scrabble ultimately failed to generate as many users.

Documents filed with the US District Court in New York reveal Hasbro dropped the suit against the Agarwallas, brought against them over the summer, last Friday.

Hasbro did not specify the reason it dropped the case. But the Agarwallas stated they agreed not to use the term "Scrabulous." Since the lawsuit was filed, they've altered their version of the game to avoid future copyright infringement issues with both Hasbro and Mattel.


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