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GrandCentral Users: Google Has Your Number

Google has just confirmed its acquisition of GrandCentral, a service that unifies all existing phone services utilized by a user, reports TechCrunch. And while secondary competitors such as 1Num and RingCentral have held their own, the VoIP-based service has no direct competitors.

GrandCentral ties together existing phone lines, numbers and voice mail boxes so that customers can manage all communications from one number and one inbox. It features a customizable Web interface that lends control over how others may contact the user.

GrandCentral's service will be moved onto the Google network. Current customers will experience no interruption to their service.

In 2006, GrandCentral reaped $4 million in Series A funding from Minor Ventures, IP. Users with US phone numbers can still request a beta invitation at

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch expressed suspicion about Google's potential purchase of GrandCentral about a week ago. The closing cost was believed to be around $50 million.


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