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Google's Changes to YouTube Strips Brands Bare

Google is making changes to its YouTube interface, calling it its Cosmic Panda redesign - a name that does not necessarily evoke warm feelings from the SEO community. And possibly the redesign will have a similar reaction among video marketers, at least based on Ignite Social Media’s analysis of the changes, which are still a work in progress.

Most of the changes to the new YouTube infrastructure involve stripping channels of a lot of individuality, writes Ignite, pointing to as examples:

  • A more "module-based" interface with all of the pieces tied to visual design assets instead of text-heavy designs.
  • Brand channels that have almost no special branding options.
  • Users getting the option to choose between 4 templates: "Creator," "Blogger," "Network," or "Everything."
  • A much less-cluttered option to choose viewing size.

17 Percent

YouTube is a popular social tool for major brands and companies, BrightEdge noted in a new report. Almost 17 percent of the 10,000 largest sites on the Web have links to YouTube video on their front page, it found.

And Growing Fast

Video in general is also the fastest growing online ad format, eMarketer recently reported. In general, growth for US online ad spending will crest this year at 20.2% and remain solidly in double digits through 2014, recaching $50 billion.

“Video advertising continues to attract new ad spending from brands because it generates greater audience attention than other digital ad formats,” said David Hallerman, eMarketer principal analyst. However, “its influence far outpaces its ad dollars.”


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