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Google Forays Strike Fear in Potential Foes

Google's search for revenue beyond pay-per-click ads is freaking out just about everyone, according to Reuters, which writes that not only the likes of publishers and phone companies but also ad agencies and media buyers have been unnerved by Google's intrusions into their realms. (For a comprehensive summary of Google's expanding empire, from Google Base to Google Talk - what they do, who their rivals are, and what the potential market for each is - see this piece from CNET.)

From Google Analytics to print pub ads and an expected move into branded, graphical ads, Googles forays are increasingly competing with systems and services already provided by others, eliciting some grumbles.

"From a consumer perspective, Google is all good," Merrill Lynch analyst Lauren Rich Fine said in a note to clients. "However, Google is starting to attract negative publicity (tied to) its foray into other mediums."

"Google needs this ecosystem," New York-based Susquehanna Financial analyst Marianne Wolk said, referring to the web of ad agencies, marketing support firms and other industry organizations that help advertisers make use of Google ads.

"There's this notion that Google has a grand master devious plan" to put ad agencies and publishers out of business, Marc Leibowitz, Google's director of strategic partnerships, said in a recent interview. "Nothing could be further from the truth. We see ourselves in a symbiotic relationship with them."


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