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Google Exec: Google News Not a Threat to Newspapers

Noting that the internet has opened up several opportunities that newspapers would do well to embrace, such as global accessibility, Krishna Bharat, Google's head scientist and inventor of the Google News service, argues that despite some assertions Google is not out to crush newspapers, writes Television Point (via MediaBuyerPlanner). "We don't want to replace anyone's favorite newspaper, we are complementary and add value," Bharat is quoted as saying.

The World Association of Newspapers in February announced it was considering taking legal action against Google's news search service, arguing Google was "building a new medium on the backs of our industry, without paying for any of the content."

But, according to Bharat, "most newspapers have stuck to a reliance on print format" and, with few exceptions, have not integrated with the internet fully.

"The internet is opportunity. Our goal is to let readers have the end experience on the content providers' site. We want to drive more traffic and have, in fact, increased readership on news sites," he added.


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