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Google Tweaks AdWords; "Revs Up" Contextual Engine

Google has made some changes to AdWords that will make it easier for marketers to create and publish display ads.

One addition, a new Display Network Tab, will be introduced over the next few weeks. It is an interface built to run display campaigns, allowing users to bid, target and optimize display campaigns from a single place. It is based on what Google calls a "revved-up" contextual engine, which matches ads to pages based on keywords, using "next-gen keyword contextual targeting."

Google touts the feature as allowing users to fine-tune the performance of contextual campaigns down to individual keyword level.

It gives the example of a travel agency that markets vacation packages in several Caribbean islands. "In the past, you would have created themed ad groups targeting vacations to Turks and Caicos and the Caribbean. Now, with this new keyword level transparency you might realize that the keyword 'Turks and Caicos vacations' is four times more profitable than the keyword 'caribbean vacations'. You can optimize your campaigns to aggressively target these high performing keywords, and be more conservative on 'caribbean vacations'."

There is also a new feature that lets the user visualize the reach of a campaign and how that reach is impacted by combining multiple targeting types, such as keywords, placements, topics, interests or remarketing.

Approval Status

Google has also rolled out a status insights icon in the Ads tab to provide visibility into the approval status and potential policy limitations for each individual ad creative. The new icon will be particularly valuable for products or services that are restricted by Google’s advertising policies to show only in specific countries or with certain keywords.

To use the new status icon, hover over the speech bubble in the Status column of the Ads tab next to the ad of interest. The user can also re-diagnose the ad with a different targeted location or keyword, by editing the parameters from right within the hover.


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