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Google Sweetens Privacy Pot And/Or Unifies Desktop-Mobile Experience with New Search Function (Take Your Pick)

Google has introduced a so-called new local search experience that allows signed-in users to access the same information on the mobile devices as they had been viewing on the desktop in the past day, via the Recent icon.

Users need to have Web History enabled and be logged into Google when doing their search.

But Why?

Of course, this could just be yet another tweak to the Google search experience. However, speculation about Google's underlying motivations are rampant. One school of thought is that it is a gift to those who stay logged in and agree to Google's new privacy policy, via SEO Roundtable.

Another theory is that the new feature meant to provide a more unified desktop-mobile experience for users, according to The Next Web.

It is not just Google pursuing this path, The Next Web writes—Mountain Lion also provides the same feature. "I've thoroughly enjoyed using the developer preview of Mountain Lion on my Macbook Air if only because it makes my notes, calendars and chats show up on all of my Apple devices."

Probably Both

More than likely Google has been motivated by both factors, is Search Engine Land's conclusion—plus the usual driving force behind anything Google does. " This is all part of a larger effort on Google's part to capture as much user data as possible and link that data from PC to mobile to have a more holistic view of users and their behaviors."


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