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Google Shakes Up Search with Real Time, Voice and Image

Google has expanded - dramatically - its search capabilities with new developments in real time, mobile and language technologies that will be available on both the desktop and mobile phone.

In Real Time

Google Real Time Search is a feature that merges the public updates from social media sites Twitter, Facebook and MySpace with Google's general search results. These real time, 'everyman' updates, which will be available on the iPhone and Android devices as well as on the desktop, are invaluable when searching for information on events that are unfolding quickly, such as a natural disaster or a politician's speech.

On a day-to-day basis, the feature will alert readers to news they might not have been aware of, Google said. A major story about GM's stabilizing car sales, for example, would appear under "News results" followed by a breaking story - GM's CEO stepping down - in the "Latest results" section.

Google signed partnership  with Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku and - as well as a previously announced deal with Twitter to develop this feature.

Search-By-Sight, Other Enhancements

Google also unveiled an experimental search-by-sight feature, called Google Goggles. A brainchild of Google Labs, Google Goggles can recognize books, album covers, artwork, landmarks, places and logos - the latter being a feature of key interest to companies that want to maintain control of their brands online.

The search engine giant is also forging new ground in voice-drive search with its plans to introduce near-real time translation for mobile devices in 2010. Besides posing as a potential category killer for voice translation services, this functionality will further solidify Google's global reach.


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