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Google Goes Social With iGoogle Gadgets

Google has released 18 gadgets to further enhance the iGoogle homepage experience.

Similar in look and feel to the types of applications you might find on Facebook, choices range from Huffington Post feeds to what's playing on Youtube.

Even though Google's main site maintains a minimalist approach to form and function, iGoogle is based on their OpenSocial platform, allowing users a richer experience visually.

The addition of these new gadgets allows users to make iGoogle become more of a social hub on par with Facebook.

While not as popular, iGoogle is starting to make a run as a viable choice for users in the social networking arena with continued improvements like this.

Some of the functions now include update and timeline notification to stay connected with friends. It also has the ability to create friend groups.

Of all their gadgets however, Gmail remains the most popular with nine and a half million users.

A full tour of the new features can be found here.


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