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Google, Facebook Start Low-Key Mating Dance

Facebook: A place for Googlers

Robert Young over at Publishing 2.0 highlights current speculation that Google and Facebook may be getting closer than online acquaintances should.

Based on its purchases of YouTube and Doubleclick, it is clear that when Google gets googley-eyed, money is no object. But Young points out that if Google acquires Facebook, a deal he believes is already in the make, the search and advertising giant will need to take careful steps not to harm its (still pending) $900 million agreement with MySpace.

MySpace is responsible for nearly 11 percent of Google's search traffic.

There does not currently appear to be a non-compete clause in the Google/MySpace agreement; however, Google's prospective acquisition of Facebook may drive Murdoch - and MySpace - into the loving arms of Yahoo.

Rumors of a Murdoch/Yahoo barter for MySpace are already in the air.

Young takes an extra leap to suggest Facebook will file an S-1 to increase its valuation in the last-minute negotiations process.


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