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Google Endows Marketers with Search Insights

Perspective on the zeitgeist

Google has unveiled Insights for Search, giving marketers — and ordinary people — a glimpse inside the so-called "database of intentions," the New York Times reports.

Insights for Search enables users to find out how often certain keyword combinations are searched, where they are most often searched, and whether there is a seasonal pattern to their popularity. Data from Insights can also be downloaded to a spreadsheet.

The service is a spin-off from two-year-old Google Trends, which lets users compare the popularity of search terms. Insights adds to that by incorporating the ability to slice 'n' dice data by category, enabling users to distinguish searches for "Apple: the company" from "apple: the fruit."

It may prove especially useful to those hoping to target users geographically. With Insights, company can easily discover which cities most often conduct a certain search.

Google suspects the tool may be adopted by more than just marketers: economists, financial analysts and sociologists can use it in their research. Etymologists can even track word data to observe the evolution of language.

Two months ago the search giant debuted Trends for Websites, followed by Ad Planner last month, two more complementary tools for risk-averse marketers.


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