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Goodmail: CertifiedEmail Not Intended to Fight Spam

Goodmail CEO Richard Gingras told advocacy groups and legislators at a California Senate committee hearing last week that its fee-based CertifiedEmail program - which Yahoo and AOL are implementing - is about authentication, not reducing spam, DM News reports (via MediaBuyerPlanner). "The purpose is to restore trust to email," said Gingras. "To suggest that the introduction of CertifiedEmail is going to prevent spammers from sending spam or phishers from trying to phish - we have not said it, nor would any expert say it."

"It helps us increase emails of good, trusted, authenticated email…and that's what consumers want," said AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham. "If we can put an end to spoofs, scams and hoaxes by giving legitimate senders of email a new path, a new way to send email, we believe more phishers will give up and throw in the towel."

The committee also heard from several small groups still concerned that their email will be stopped in spam filters and that they will be charged a fee - even though AOL has offered to cover nonprofits' CertifiedEmail expenses.

AOL and Yahoo plan to complete implementation of CertifiedEmail within the next few months.


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