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Facebook Tempts User Rage with Video Autoplay | Disqus Temps FTC Rage with Sponsored Comments | Google: Our Ads Are All the Rage, Have Some Pass-Through Data


  • Google is pushing the idea that because people on youtube share content, throwing up your own video ad is sort of like advertising on a social network, with a major benefit being the passing on of brand messages between users. It points to internal research showing that some campaigns reach as high as a 50 percent pass-on rate, where users signal to friends that they should watch it as well. Google is introducing some new data columns in its reports for advertisers to admire their viral handiwork.

  • Facebook, long left out of the video segment better executed by others such as Vine, is hoping to catch up with them by making the videos that users do post autoplay on friends' pages. Facebook often goes through an iterative learning process, attempting its own stab at an advertising technology and ignoring lessons learned by earlier media outlets. This could well be one of those instances where Facebook exhibits one of its other unusual traits: the rapid retreat from an idea that enrages its membership. That said, a TechCrunch writer found the the experience somewhat pleasing, comparing it to the moving photos envisioned by Harry Potter novels, implying that the key annoyance would be the avoidable audio autoplay.

"Native" Ads:

  • In a plain effort to poke the FTC bear, who just a few days ago made a major PR effort to ward advertisers away from confusing editorial content with advertising content, Disqus, the comment-enabling technology company, announced it is introducing a system that would sell the first comment to the advertiser with the highest bid. Oh, yes, and in a bone thrown to the bear, they're thinking of coloring that comment's background gray.


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