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Facebook Offers Slowly Comes to Life

Facebook has slowly started to roll out, or rather try again, its variation of a daily deal offer. Media outlets such as State of Search and Daily Deal Media report that Facebook has been quietly contacting advertisers in the last few weeks to see if they want to try the Facebook Offers platform again.

Daily Deal Media calls the selected number of users a very small and conservative beta test, which is not surprising given Facebook's pending IPO. "Providing the use of Facebook Offers only to advertising clients, Facebook is able to first, reward clients for using Facebook for advertising and building up a large fan base, and second, ensure the companies that do test out Facebook Offers first, already know the basics of Facebook marketing and most likely have a considerable Facebook following – two factors to ensure this next ‘beta testing’ phase provides a very high ROI," it writes.

Facebook has also produced a video explaining how the service will work.

Trendy and Smart

It is little wonder Facebook wants to take another run at this market. Despite Groupon’s apparent problems, any number of statistics show the lure coupons and discounts hold for consumers.  Women, in particular, are in love with coupons, declares a March 2012 report from Valpak, which finds that 70% of survey respondents enjoy saving money and believe couponing is as American as apple pie, and that 58% have increased their coupon habits over the past few years.

Beyond their desires (77%) or need (72%) to save money, the top reasons women give for increasing use are because they always want to get a deal (60%), it’s a bad economy (59%), and they enjoy trying new things with a discount (41%). A significant proportion also say that coupons make them feel smarter (28%), couponing is more socially acceptable (25%), and is trendy (15%).


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