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Even as Google Enhances AdSense, It Doesn’t Make An Important Change

AdSense, like most of Google’s products, is routinely enhanced with the goal of delivering a quality service to its end users.

How Google Improves AdSense

To cite a few recent examples, last year AdSense began tracking the performance of specific domains and sub domains automatically as part of its then new interface (another enhancement). That meant users no longer had to manually create a new URL channel to track each new domain or subdomain where an ad has been placed.

More recently, Google revamped the Ad Review Center for AdSense, to make it easier for publishers to control the ads that appear on their sites.

How It Doesn't — By Ignoring Those Invalid Click Reports

Still, it appears Google does not want to expend energy in an area of great concern to users—following up on invalid traffic earnings complaints. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable pointed to a thread in the Google AdSense Help forum in which an engineer said that invalid traffic earnings were never really earned and went on to explain why it is a waste of Google's time to investigate appeals towards invalid clicks issues.

Investigating invalid traffic is "often extremely difficult” the thread said. It also noted that it would require "hours of manual investigation by a specialist, many exchanges with the publisher, probably experiments over long periods of time."


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