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EU Extracts Google Pledge to Actually Do No Evil | Email Is Dead and Other Recurring Tropes | MPA Jiggy with Tablets

Thow Shalt Self-Regulate

Google Antitrust:

  • The settlement is leaking out: Google must…
    - Disclose when a linked property is owned by the firm;
    - Provide at least three alternative links when that owned link is revenue-generating;
    - Never force ad exclusivity;
    - Heed publishers' requests to not scrape content, without being churlish about it and rejecting the sites completely from listings;
    - Make it easy for advertisers to move complex ad campaigns from Google to other options.


  • Integrate's CEO discourses on the most common forms of fraud plaguing the performance media markets.
  • So the joke goes: the Magazine Publishers Association heard tell of some new fangled thing called tablets, and it brought to mind images of Charlton Heston heaving stones atop a mountain, so decided to create an industry self-regulating standard. Well, that standard is finally popping out, a few years after digital magazines stole the newsstand.

Marketing Automation:

  • Silverpop's chief was interviewed on Ad Exchanger, fending off the trope that "email is dead," which the industry convinces itself every two years or so, but also noting his firm's movement to the marketing automation market - almost uniquely without an online ad media component. Silverpop investors can look forward to an IPO in the future, according to the CEO.


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