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eReaders' Time Has Come for Marketers

Just as projections that sales of the iPad may be slowing, according to Goldman Sachs, ereaders are showing signs of becoming the latest hot channel for marketers.  PC World points to a new survey from Appcelerator that app developers are excited about the Amazon Kindle Fire’s potential – especially the access it will provide to mobile device users that are accustomed to spending money.

Amazon, in fact, began shipping the Fire one day earlier than planned. Even before the device began shipping, it was already the best selling item on the website.

More Ad-supported eReaders

Another sign that there is demand for this platform: Kobo has launched its own ad-supported ereader. The Kobo Touch with Offers features a 6-inch E-ink touch screen, Wi-Fi, and a $99 price tag.

As ereaders make inroads, marketers will have to consider the distinctions in this users base. Namely, the majority, or 61% of e-reader owners are now women, compared to 46% less than a year ago, Nielsen says. Tablet owners are 57% owned by men, only a slight decrease from the previous year. Smartphone owners, meanwhile, are split equally between men and women.

There are a number of reasons for the preference by women for ereaders, writes Biz Report. They are lighter, easier to carry and because they have one purpose only they provide a good distraction from work and family cares. There is also a measure of privacy involved that might have something to do with the preference, Biz Report speculates: you can read a book in public with an ereader and no one has to know its title or subject matter.


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