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Equipment Manufacturer Uses QR Tags for Marketing Outreach

Lincoln Electric, a provider of welding equipment and technology, has borrowed a page from its glitzier and sexier consumer electronics corporate cousins and is using QR tags for marketing outreach [video]. It is adding 2D Microsoft Tag barcodes to its welding products. The codes will appear on the product nameplates, that when scanned from a web-enabled camera phone give consumers in the pre-sale distributor showroom more information on product selection.

Post-sales, they will provide operational tips and support resources. Users will also be able to pull up videos, product specification sheets and competitive product comparisons, instruction manuals, related articles and company contact information.

Plants with Tags

Home Depot and Lowe’s are other examples of similar campaigns, the New York Times reports. They are finding that QR codes are a way - particular for big box retailers that can’t possibly maintain a staff to provide one-on-one assistance for every possible question a shopper might have - to provide related information that might tip the hesitant consumer into making a decision. For instance, many of the plants at Home Depot and Lowe’s now have bar codes on the tags telling shoppers whether the plant needs frequent watering or low light.

Mister Landscape

Another recent example is Mister Landscaper, which launched a mobile customer service campaign for its Micro Sprinkler Beginner's Kits using on-pack QR mobile codes. Rolling out in 1,000 Lowes stores across the country, the scanned codes provides how-to instructional videos and a guide to assist people with their purchases. Augme Technologies, who helped design the campaign, more than 82% of customers who viewed videos also watched videos on additional Mister Landscaper products, with the Patio Kit and Vegetable Kit being the most popular. Also, 42% of participants used the mobile manual page and 40% viewed the how-to video page.


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