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Doritos' Consumer-Generated Super Bowl Ad Still Resonates

Consumer generated ads will get their moment in the sun again during the 2010 Super Bowl, thanks to Frito-Lay's plans to increase from two to three the number of consumer-created Doritos commercials it will air. For participants the stakes are even higher this year - winners can get as much as $5 million, compared to last year's $1 million award.

The contest and subsequent ads are a favorite among viewers: the online promotion asks fans to create 30-second spots for Doritos. Internet voting then selects which spots will air in one of Doritos' three Super Bowl slots. With thousands flocking to the Crash the SuperBowl web site to try their luck, however, it is easy to overlook the impact these ads have on the Doritos' brand.

Free Doritos for Everyone

Last year the winners of the $1 million booty were two unemployed brothers from Batesville, Ind., with their ad about an office worker who shatters a vending machine with his crystal ball after predicting free Doritos for everyone in the office.  The buzz generated for Doritos, though, had an even greater impact on the company. At the time the TV commercials achieved the highest net improvement score of any Super Bowl advertiser, writes MarketingCharts.

A Nod from Food Channel

More recent research shows that these consumer-generated efforts continue to resonate in pop culture. As part of a look at food trends over the past decade, the Food Channel editorial staff cited the Doritos' Super Bowl ad as a significant milestone in food advertising.

Then last month, the Doritos brand released its "Doritos Dash of Destruction," game concept created by Mike Borland, winner of the 2007 Doritos "Unlock Xbox" challenge, for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Borland, of Sewickley, Pa., was one of thousands of contestants from across the country that submitted his original video game concept in a contest that invited fans to think of an Xbox LIVE Arcade game idea that brought to life the Doritos brand.

With each round in Borland's game, players control one of two unconventional characters - a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing a delivery truck loaded with crunchy Doritos tortilla chips, or the Doritos delivery truck driver, racing to escape the clutches of the T-Rex. Havoc ensues as the lumbering dino barrels through the city.


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