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Don't Hold Breath for Meshing of Feeds

One of the reasons blog postings get fairly instant attention online is the "ping," a quick message sent to an aggregation service by blog software, indicating there is a new post. But those aggregation services, like Technorati, often require different sorts of messages and for them to be sent to different addresses. eWeek reports that efforts to norm the process into a "FeedMesh," allowing for a common notification service "is probably one of those good ideas that can only hope that it lives on as a flame war."

Chock a block with iconoclastic personalities, the group of people who developed the syndication standards in use today - who didn't do a terribly good job of coming to agreement on that score - are the same people with the most influence over feed updating today.

Assuming that cooperation will happen so long as there is a common commercial interest, such meshing may take a while. Aggregation systems tend to be run as charitable services, without much in the way of revenue streams.


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