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Discovery Launches New Site for Moms; Men Still Foolishly Ignored by Advertisers

Another mom friendly-blog has recently launched, this time by Discovery Communications. The site, Parentables, is part of the company's efforts to drive revenues via online content, writes

TLC's first non-program blog project, it will include contributions from TLC stars such as Kate Gosselin and Michelle Duggar from the shows Kate Plus 8 and 19 Kids and Counting. All together there are more than 20 contributors, with 30 slated to ultimately write.

Widely acknowledged to be controllers of the purse-strings, women and mothers in particular are catered to by marketers and content producers, Parentables being only the latest example. There is also a wealth of statistical data charting their consumption and other habits. To cite just one: Of online US moms who say they often share health news on the web, 94% often share personal news online, according to data collected by Lucid Marketing (via MarketingCharts). The only other category shared often by more than 80% of moms who often share health news is food, restaurant and recipe ideas (85%). In addition, almost 80% of these moms often share retail sale information online.

The Ignored Male

New studies, though, are suggesting that retailers and content producers should also focus their attention men - at least beyond the stereotypical areas in which men are known to spend. The notion that men are not involved when it comes to the decision-making process of small and big-ticket items is untrue, according to a survey, taken among more than 13,000 listeners of Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, and Sports radio stations, that was conceived by research and consulting firm Jacobs Media.

Its conclusion? Many advertisers share the misplaced belief that women are responsible for the lion's share of household purchasing decisions. Bu contrast the survey noted that six in ten women say that a recommendation from a spouse or partner is a deciding factor when making major purchases. Also, six in ten men play a key role in the big-ticket item buying process. They either are the sole decision makers or play a key role in the purchase of items like homes, cars, and major appliances.


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