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Disconnects between C-Level Execs and Customer Service

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The executive suite and the customer service department are misaligned, with a significant gap between what C-level executives promise and the reality of customer service, according to the results of a worldwide survey by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, MarketingCharts writes.

Titled "The Executive Disconnect: The Strategic Alignment of Customer Service," the study surveyed a group of C-level executives (CEO/CIO/CFO/CTO) and compared their responses to the customer-centric professionals who are much closer to the front lines (Contact Centre Managers/Directors of Customer Care/Sales Managers and Directors/Marketing Directors).

Some highlights, below, from the study of businesses across key regions worldwide, including major markets in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

Strategic vs. Operational Role

Customer care professionals and executives overwhelmingly agree that customer service has an impact on the company's brand identity, yet very few think that their customer service acts mainly as a strategic function.


  • Just 20 percent of CEO-level executives and 20 percent of customer-care professionals say their contact centers are very strategic.
  • Both groups agree that customer service is key to brand identity - with 92 percent of C-level executives and 85 percent of customer-centric employees agreeing.
  • But C-level executives (73 percent) overestimate the effort in their companies to measure customer lifetime value, compared with a smaller number of customer-level employees (60 percent).

Measuring Revenue and Customer Experience vs. Speed and Efficiency

Most C-level executives underestimate the emphasis their organization places on efficiency, and overestimate how easy their organization makes it for customers to purchase during interactions.

  • For example, 55 percent of C-level executives say their operations use average speed to answer as a critical metric, compared with 70 percent of customer service professionals. Worldwide, 67 percent of all organizations considered this a key metric.
  • Among C-level executives, 41 percent think they measure the experience in self-service by quality rather than just cost savings, but only 35 percent of customer service professionals think so.
  • At the same time, 36 percent of C-level executives think their customer service is measured on revenue per call, when in reality only 28 percent of customer service professionals validate that notion. Among global respondents, 30 percent say they measure revenue per call.

MarketingCharts provides more findings from the study.


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