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CP+B + VW + NYC Cab Hidden Cams = Viral Videos

VW has resurrected the Rabbit, and to help market the 2007 version, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has launched a video-focused site that positions the car as ideal for city drivers, writes ClickZ. The so-called Gypsy Cab Project gives to Steve, "a filmmaker from Colorado who has never driven in New York," the job of driving a Rabbit outfitted with hidden cameras and "disguised" as a cab, offering free rides to strangers in New York.

Visitors to the website can watch and forward to friends Steve's "favorite fares" videos, including those of two Swiss girls and a West Virginian who spits tobacco juice out the car window. CP+B has since hired Steve, an erstwhile cable access TV show interviewer, as an in-house director, editor and comedian.

"This is a cultural experiment to learn about city driving," CP+B Creative Director Rob Strasberg is quoted as saying. H says the effort has received minimal promotion: "Mostly it's word of mouth and word of web."


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