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Cool Robots Disappoint, Was Just BMW Viral Campaign

B2Day: Those Crazy Crispin Porter & Bogusky Boys Are At It Again


As suspected, the "scientist" sites popping up last spring proved to be hoaxes, albeit alluring ones. The effort, which can be seen here was part of a BMW Mini viral campaign put together by the Crispin Porter crew, of Subservient Chicken fame.

The sites described efforts to transform BMW Minis into various types of robots. Very reminiscent of the famously successful Honda "Cog" ad (which was wonderfully parodied here).

Back in April we noted odd sites devoted to a British scientist modding Mini Coopers into robots. It's a hoax perpetrated by the ad agency that brought us the Burger King Subservient Chicken. Gotta love them. Here is the latest in the campaign.

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