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Consumer Electronics Show Goes Green in Las Vegas

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With information and communications technology estimated to cause more carbon pollution than the aviation industry (says Reuters), green is the theme at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Adding to countless startups pushing solar backpacks and new ways to recycle, big firms will also be showcasing their environmentally friendliness.

Sony and Dell are reportedly the kindest to mother earth. Both have major recycling programs, and Sony uses renewable energy at many of its offices.

Wal-Mart is asking electronics suppliers to fill out a green practices survey before it restocks products.

For the show itself, CES organizers expect to pay $100,000 on carbon offsets this year.

But in an industry where products are often filled with poisonous metals, one analyst tells Reuters electronics companies can go green by making durable products that last, thereby minimizing the need to recycle and manufacture goods.


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