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comScore's New Tech Metrix Tracks User Software & Hardware

What does it all mean?

Thanks to its new Tech Metrix service, comScore can now take "fingerprints" of web users' individual "technology profiles, including including computer hardware, software configurations, and usage," according to a company release.

comScore believes the new metrics will help marketers for hardware/software products develop a better understanding of what's already out there and what deficits need filling. Tech Metrix, for example, found that the average user has about 3 Gigabytes of MP3s on their hard drives.
Another aspect of Tech Metrix is the ability to create user segments based on technology profiles. Observers can then analyze the online behavior of those segments.

comScore used the new metric to profile how heavy MP3 users spend their time online, versus the average user. Stats reveal that mp3 lovers spend much more time with web entertainment.

Hardware tracking lends a glimpse into various specs, from hard drive size and processors to screen resolution and video card. Software tracking provides a peek into which programs have been installed, what browser is used, the number and size of data files, and more.


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