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comScore: 17 Billion Searches in November, a Decline

An Impression-less Search

comScore released figures from its qSearch service that indicate November saw a dip in searches of about 4 percent, to just under 17 billion. Google was again the leader with 67 percent share, with no players losing or gaining more than a fifth of a point.

The 17 billion searches per month figure once seemed large, but with the new Facebook exchange sporting 7 billion ad avails a day, perspectives change. This would put Facebook exchange media (never mind its other pools of media) at a ratio of about 12 impressions for each Google search.

The numbers are difficult to square considering information from other sources, such as estimates of Google serving between five and six billion searches ad impressions on search daily, not including its display network inventory.

If, as the above numbers imply, Google serves an average of about nine ad placements per search, its flagship search engine would be producing only three quarters of the media currently pulsing through FBX.


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