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Coca-Cola's Tips for Effective Social Listening

Brands are focusing their digital outreach strategies to be as customer-centric as possible. This means,  according to a recent survey, integration of social listening with traditional research and creation of a voice of the customer advocacy groups.

70.8% of brand marketers say they have reorganized their marketing/product groups around customer segments, and 45.8% report having created cross-departmental task-forces to bring social learning deeper into their company, according to a report released in February 2012 by the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), conducted by Econsultancy.

VOC and social listening programs are the most popular initiatives that companies have implemented as part of their marketing strategies, cited by 61.5% and 53.8% of marketers, respectively.

Coca Cola’s Best Practices

Given this is still a relatively new genre of digital marketing, best practices are eagerly received by brands launching their own initiatives. Coca Cola has been focusing on such strategies for several years and offers the following tips, courtesy of a Blogwell presentation by Natalie Johnson. (via Smartblogs).

Focus on Key Tops. Johnson and her team focused their tools on a few key topics for each of their brands, the Smartblogs post said. Then, using tools, they’re able to measure these critical conversations in more than 32 languages.

A Standard Measurement. With so many conversations, Coca-Cola uses key, baseline metrics that everyone tracks.

Identify and Train Champions. To help earn buy-in and participation, the company trains success “champions” in departments on social listening who could then teach others and encourage them to use the tools.


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