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Coca-Cola, AdMob Create First Live Holiday Wallpaper

Google’s AdMob team and Coca-Cola have produced a live wallpaper for the holiday season that is based on their annual holiday commercial. Live wallpapers, for the uninitiated, are animated homescreen backgrounds that respond to touch and phone movement. They can also react to the time of day and a device’s geographic location. The ad for Coke is the first time AdMob has teamed up with a brand to work on this type of format.

The Coke commercial features Santa in his workshop, surrounded by snowglobes displaying various winter cityscapes. Santa brings holiday cheer to the characters in the snowglobe by tilting the globes to bring together couples and families under a snowy winter sky. The ad takes the user into the 'snow globe' letting her visit scenes from the video by tilting the phone to move the characters, just like Santa. A shake to the device twirls the snow around.

Big Win for Coke

Greg Sterling, principal at Sterling Market Intelligence, tells Mashable the exposure is a big win for Coke. It is skirting a fine line, however, between making a big splash and irritating its customers, he added. “I don’t know whether Coke can ‘push’ anything to the user through the wallpaper,” says Sterling. “It would have to be careful not to do anything too aggressive or risk annoying the user.”


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