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China's Dominant Net Entities May Fend off Robot Buying | Ad Taxes to Cost Advertisers 15% of Ad Budgets Year One | Apple Reveals Enormous Mobile App, Content Sales

China Ad Market:

  • A data collection and analysis firm operating in China indicates that the Middle Kingdom is less likely to see the robotic buying growth that the U.S. has seen in the face of large key players who are instead attempting to create their own . private, walled-off ad ecosystems.


Ad Taxes:

  • As the idea of partially eliminating advertising as a deductible business expense gains traction, the two versions in Congress appear to vary not in whether or not advertising's business expense deductibility is reduced, but by over what period of time the reduction should be amortized. The two proposals include a 50 percent reduction in immediate deductibility, with one allowing the remainder to be deducted over 10 years, and the more permissive one to be deducted over 5 years. This would result in an immediate bottom line first year effect for most businesses of about 15 percent of their ad budgets.


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