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CBS Rejects Super Bowl Ad

Dallas Morning News: CBS rejects anti-Bush Super Bowl commercial

CBS TV rejected MoveOn.Org's bid to run an anti-Bush ad during the Super Bowl, claiming that the network has a policy against advocacy advertising during the football championship. CBS's reaction did not surprise many, who have come to expect a weak-kneed cowardice and a habitual caving where political powers may take offence. But the explanation was funny.

CBS will run anti-smoking ads during the game and, for the third year, an entry from The White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy, known for their insipid "drug use aids terrorists" ads.

Dan Gillmor(SJ Mercury News) blogged one possible explanation:

"…maybe it's all a plot by the CBS outpost of the Liberal Media Conspiracy (TM). Here's the idea: Turn down the ad, which will generate a firestorm of publicity, and then the ad will get played on all the news shows - free advertising and a much bigger bang for the buck. Maybe CBS is plotting with! Ooooh, those clever lefties."

Others already lined up to advertise on the Super Bowl include Charmin toilet paper, Budweiser, the launch of anti-impotence drug Levitra (challenger to Viagra), Lay's potato chips, AOL, GM, Dodge, a bunch of movies, and anti-smoking ads from Philip Morris.


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