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CBS Hops on Broadband, Skips Cable, Ads Jump

CBS yesterday introduced a revamped CBS News Web site that greatly increases the amount of video available to advertisers, reports AdWeek. now carries 25,000 video clips and will feature news videos throughout the day. CBS Digital will sell 30- and 15-second pre-roll video on the site. Advertisers include WalMart, Ford and Dell. A full-page "washover" rich media ad is shown when users first reach the site.

The expanded ad opportunities capitalize on broadband, incorporate other CBS broadcast and Web properties, and will eventually involve both text and video RSS feeds, as well as podcasts, writes ClickZ. The showpiece of the site is TheEyebox, a video window that plays on-demand news clips from CBS TV and Web-only news content; it aims to exploit growing advertiser demand for online video. The launch sponsor is WalMart, which is airing a :10 pre-roll spot.

InternetNews described the move as CBS News reinventing itself as a multi-platform digital network, with the web as its primary method of delivery. CBS said it was "bypassing cable television in favor of the nation's fastest-growing distribution system - broadband." It will offer 24 hours of news coverage in an interactive environment.

Yahoo, Amazon, and AOL are also taking part in the recent trend of online companies moving into traditionally offline production, writes InternetNews in its article titled "TV Moves to the Internet."


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