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Can iAd Take on Television? Has It Already?

When the iAd first rolled out last year only the most fanatical loyalist to Apple might have foreseen that it could challenge such mediums as television. Fast forward several studies - including one from Nielsen - and it is becoming clear that yes, maybe it can.

The most recent data point prompting this discussion is a Nielsen advertising effectiveness study commissioned by Apple and Campbell's Soups to evaluate Campbell's iAd campaign. It found that viewers were twice as likely to recall seeing it, three times as likely to remember the ad message and five times as likely to remember the brand as viewers who saw it on TV. (via Apple Insider).

Viewers of the Campbell's iAd were also four times as likely to express an intent to buy the product, and said they liked the ad five times more than those who had seen the campaign on TV.

There have been other studies that suggest mobile in general might be a more compelling branding medium than TV, writes Greg Sterling at Internet2Go. InsightExpress and Dynamic Logic, he said, "have shown data multiple times that reflect higher brand lift and unaided recall from mobile vs. PC display ads."

The Nielsen study is the first solid evidence that iAds performed better than TV advertising, he added. Sterling doesn't think the study will move TV budgets in the near term. "But if these results are replicated and repeated it will send a shockwave through the big agencies."


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