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Zoho Marketplace Passes App Devs 100% of the Profit

Zoho has released an online marketplace for business applications.

In the style of iPhone's App Store or Android's App Market, developers that use Zoho's Creator tool to build apps can list their products on the platform — either to sell or give away for free.

Unlike other services, however, they receive 100 percent of the revenue if they choose to charge.

In the future, developers can post ready-made applications for broad distribution, or listen to the demands of sellers in the marketplace and build customized solutions based on submitted specs.

Zoho also unveiled an updated version of Creator (3.0) and launched a partner program to encourage distribution of user apps and promote the program itself.

Creator 3.0 enables clients to custom-build HTML pages that contain embedded code, views and other widgets — all of which will make the pages more dynamic, reports the New York Times.

Non-developers can use the program to create small, situation-specific applications, which may help differentiate it from other marketplaces, like's AppExchange for third-party CRM tools.


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