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BusinessWeek Growing Online, Becoming Medium-Neutral's online advertising was up 61 percent year on year in August; its print advertising remained largely flat.

The online element of the magazine has grown in other ways, as well. Until last year, for example, the editor of the website was a part-time position. Now, the job is full-time and BusinessWeek journalists have been instructed to write more for the web, according to the Financial Times (via MediaBuyerPlanner). The site also sports blogs by high-profile writers, and it offers video content and interactive features.

Some 46 percent of the content on the website, in terms of word count, is exclusive to the site so far this year, compared with 33 percent in 2004. In August, reached more than 7.1 million unique users and served nearly 50 million pageviews, and online advertising accounts for 13 percent of BusinessWeek ad revenue.

BusinessWeek's editor-in-chief, Stephen Adler, who last year took over all the content for the magazine, the website and seven foreign-language editions, wants to be in a position of not caring very much whether readers choose to read BusinessWeek content in print, online or on mobile devices. He simply wants to give readers reliable and accurate business information.

Adler made the decision to shutter the European and Asian editions of the print magazine, opting to build out those sections online.


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