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Burst: Most Users Reach Websites via Search

Most web surfers, when at home, rely primarily on search engines to navigate to websites, according to a recent Burst Media survey of 13,000 web users age 14 and older. More than 56 percent of respondents said when at home they use search engines to get to web destinations; other ways they get there consist of typing in the site's URL or using bookmarks (28 percent) and linking from other sites/advertisements (16 percent).

Among teens and those 18-24 years old, fewer than half (46 percent and 49 percent, respectively) say they use a search engine to navigate to websites. Nearly 40 percent of teens and more than 34 percent of 18-24 year-old users say they navigate by typing the site's URL or using bookmarks. About 16 percent of teens as well as 18-24 year-olds use links on other sites or in advertisements to connect to websites.

Among older surfers, both those 25-54 years old and those 55-64, approximately 61 percent say they use search engines to visit sites. Less than half (49 percent) of those 65 and older do so, and nearly 32 percent of them type the site's URL or use bookmarks.

Burst Media is an online network of publishers and advertisers of some 2,000 websites delivering more than 4 billion monthly impressions. It also markets AdDesktop, an ASP ad management solution.


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