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Burst Media: 6 in 10 Recall Ads in Video Content

There's much good news, and some bad, for online video advertisers, according to a recent Burst Media survey of more than 2,600 online visitors.

Seven out of ten respondents (69.5 percent) actively view video content on the web. Men are significantly more likely than women to do so: 76.0 percent versus 60.2 percent. And age is no barrier: those 35-44 years and 45-54 years old were as likely to view online video content as those 18-24 years old.

About 6 in 10 online video viewers (56.3 percent) recall seeing advertisements in content they have watched. Among all respondents, one out of two (52.7 percent) say they typically continue watching video content once they encounter an advertising unit.

One in four (25.7 percent) respondents who recall advertisements in online video content say they pay more attention to the video ad than they typically do to standard creative units on the same web page; 41.8 percent say they pay neither more nor less attention to video ads.

However, advertising in online video is usually not met with approval. About three quarters (77.5 percent) say such ads are intrusive, and nearly two-thirds (62.2 percent) say such ads disrupts their web experience, with women more likely than men to say so:  65.2 percent versus 59.8 percent.

One in five (21.1 percent) say they pay less attention to video advertisements than they do to standard creative units on the same page. Four in ten (41.8 percent) say they pay neither more nor less attention to video ads.

One-quarter (27.9 percent) of respondents who stop watching video content once they encounter an advertisement also say they immediately leave the website.

"We did not explore the quality of video ads and if the creative played a role when the ads are abandoned by users. But I suspect that it is a significant factor, especially since one in four users like video more than inert online ads," according to Chuck Moran, manager of market research for Burst. "For users who take the time to watch video ads, their recall rate is pleasantly high."


Other significant findings from the Burst Media survey (see chart and table for details): Two out of three view online video at least once a week; home is the most likely place to view video content; and news and entertainment most popular content to view.


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