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Broadband Video Upfront to Reach $500MM, Maybe $1B


The broadband video advertising upfront has grown from about a $30 million market three years ago to at least a $500 million possibly a $1 billion market this year - the size of a major broadcast network TV daypart, according to execs at Media magazine's 2006 Outfront Conference in New York, writes MediaPost (also see "Web Video Execs Tout Pre-Roll's Virtues").

"It will be a $500 million marketplace over the next 12 months for traditional video, 15- and 30-second commercial advertising being either integrated into in-stream environments or in engaged ad units that can support video," according to Adam Gerber, VP of ad products and strategy at broadband video developer Brightcove.

According to president-CEO of Broadband Enterprises Matt Wasserlauf, however, "inventory exists today to support a billion dollar business. There could be a billion dollar industry in pre-roll 15- and 30-second commercials."


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