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Brands Choose Apps Over Ads When Going Mobile

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Instead of relying on passive ad messages on mobile platforms, brands are finding success with applications that are useful to the mobile user, reports Adweek.

Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and other companies have created branded mobile applications that seek to provide value to users instead of merely spouting messages. By creating something that encourages frequent use, they feel they're able to break through the ad clutter.

Applications also allow brands to advertise on mobile devices without too obviously "advertising" on mobile devices — an important step since survey after survey finds user attitudes toward advertising on mobile phones and other gadgets ranges from lukewarm to outright hostile.

But to encourage application use, companies like AT&T must still promote their merits, so there is still a place for straight mobile advertising.

While measurement remains a tricky issue, marketers are willing to experiment to see what value they can bring to users, something that can be important when planning further efforts.


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