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Blogger Firing Inspires Friendster Boycott

Troutgirl: Shitcanned

Friendster earned the ire of the blogosphere this week when it fired Joyce Park for writing something about Friendster on her personal blog. Just what was found offensive wasn't revealed to Park, who told CNET that her former company declined to tell her anything except that the decision was CEO Scot Sassa's. She also said that she had put only publicly available information on her site and that she had never been warned or asked to remove any content. Predictably, the blogosphere lit up the next day, yesterday, with petitions and calls for Friendster boycotts.

A quick check on Technorati shows that the seminal blog post complaining about Park getting fired already has inspired more than one hundred entries posted on other various blogs.

Park had in the past written about Friendster's former "pokey" performance, something she had been tasked to help fix by re-writing parts of the site in a different form of code.


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