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Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Meet "Couch Potato Thursday"

Cyber Monday is still the digital bellweather of the shopping season, finds Exelate. But online shopping was up considerably from 2011 for each day from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, as follows: Thanksgiving Day, +20%; Black Friday, +17%; Saturday, +15%; Sunday, +19%; Cyber Monday, +29%.

So, Thanksgiving Day showed the most significant gain after Cyber Monday. Perhaps retailers have the NFL to thank. "The tradition of Football on Thanksgiving Day might be replaced by couch-potato shopping if retailers continue promoting holiday shopping earlier," speculated Mark S. Zagorski, CEO of eXelate. "Today's advanced e-commerce technology enables multitasking, allowing multiscreen consumers to benefit from the best of both worlds – watching the National Football League games on the big screen while simultaneously shopping for advertised products on their digital devices." Those not tuned into the NFL might be just sitting around bored, and lacking anything better to do, shopping.

So, said Zagorski, "We believe that 2013 will see an even greater shift toward mobile shopping and that all five days spanning Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday will even out as the notion of the 'Black Weekend' becomes a reality."

While Black Friday is the traditional day for foot traffic at retail stores, mobile shopping increased on Black Friday 2012 by twice the rate that it increased on Cyber Monday, both on Apple and Android mobile platforms. Mobile shopping peaked on Black Friday, with 52% of iPhone users and 41% of Android users shopping via their mobile devices. Those numbers dropped by about half on Cyber Monday, when laptop and desktop numbers peaked, at 28% for Macs and 23% for Windows computers.

Though online shopping was up each day during "Black Weekend" over 2011, still, the biggest increase (29%) occurred on Cyber Monday. Americans spent $1.465 billion online on Cyber Monday 2012, up 17% from last year, making it the biggest day for US e-commerce in history, according to the latest data from comScore.


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