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B2B Meets StumbleUpon

B2B marketing is still virgin territory for many brands; ditto StumbleUpon, a search engine that rolled out a social search element earlier this year but still hasn’t developed the traction that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have, despite being in existence longer.

Still, the two are very complementary, writes Andrew Moravick at Eloqua.

StumbleUpon has a mature, highly active audience, he says, averaging over 1 billion uses per month and more than 20 million total users. "For marketers, all this translates into a large pool of dedicated users ready to be pulled into the top of your funnel."

Social Search

The site ratcheted up its functionality in August when it introduced a new search function called Explore Box. This feature lets users search a more narrow or granular stream of content within many different categories. Almost any keyword can be explored as though it were a topic, Search Engine Land noted when the feature debuted.

"As an example, I’m a U2 fan, and under the existing Topics/Interests setup, I could potentially find pages about U2 by stumbling through the Music > Rock Music topic. The Explore Box, though, lets me find pages directly about U2 and also suggests a few similar search terms for me in the process."

Explore Box is more incentive for B2B marketers, which often find themselves struggling to craft social media and search marketing campaigns for their business constituency, to use StumbleUpon.

Longer Shelf Life

StumbleUpon’s entire mode of operation is geared to content that has a longer shelf life – such as whitepapers or corporate videos or guides or infographics. Stumblers can more easily re-discover these resources as the site connects users to content randomly, Moravick writes.

"If you're looking to give your content the longest churn and shelf-life possible, StumbleUpon is an easy addition to your content strategy."

For B2B marketers, the new Explore Box means interest-generating or top funnel content can be optimized in StumbleUpon to appear in front of the right people who are looking for the information you’re providing, he also says. "You could call it targeted random engagement, but essentially it boils down to marketers reaching an audience who may otherwise be completely oblivious of a product or service."

Smaller Audience

The disadvantage to a StumbleUpon strategy is its relatively smaller audience. Twitter is the overwhelming favorite social media platform of companies, by 87%, of global company respondents to a survey by Econsultancy in partnership with LBi and bigmouthmedia.

It is followed by the 82% who use Facebook. The other giants of the social media space, YouTube (69%) and LinkedIn (57%), are also used by a majority of companies.

After that, there is a considerable drop-off to the next platforms, with 19% reporting use of Wikipedia, ahead of Foursquare (15%), Google+ (14%), Vimeo (13%), and Stumbleupon (12%). Delicious and Digg (both at 11%) are the only others with double-digit penetration.


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