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At Current Rate, Yahoo Search Dead in 2021 | Google Pulling More Scam Ads | Facebook Squinting, Sipping Ensure: 'Who Needs Teens, Dagnabbit?'

Yahoo Deathwatch:

  • Even Bing is growing at the expense of Yahoo in the search category, with Yahoo showing a record low of about 11 percent. At the current rate of share decline, the last Yahoo search user will press the purple button on July 15, 2021.


  • This year's Bad Ads Report showed many more ads being pulled from fewer bad actors. A third of a billion ads were pulled down from the system, up about 60 percent from 2012. But there were only 270,000 baddies out there, versus the 850,000 from the year before.


  • According to iStrategy Labs, teens are now leaving Facebook faster than they left MySpace. The social site health bellwether seems to have turned against Facebook, with a quarter of the site's U.S. teens leaving the active rolls of Facebook over the past three years. According to iStrategy, only 9.8 million of the ragamuffins remain versus 13.1 pimply audience members in January 2011. So who's flowing in to make up for those numbers? The 55 years+ crowd grew 80 percent.


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