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At 1B Users Facebook Will Be A Truly Global Platform

Facebook recently announced it has more than 800 million active users. iCrossing expects that by August 2012 that number will hit the 1 billion mark. iCrossing also came to the conclusion that while Facebook was once growing at an exponential rate, more recent data suggests it's growing in a linear fashion–with much of that growing in emerging markets.

"Facebook's growth has slowed or stopped in many of its early adopting countries such as the US and the UK," it says in this blog post. "However, developing countries such as India and Brazil have shown strong growth with India growing from 22 million users to 36 million and Brazil going from 13 million to 30 million in the last 9 months."

Millions of potential users in those countries have yet to sign up to Facebook, it noted–only 3% of India's population is currently on Facebook and 16% of Brazil’s.

A Global Brand Platform

Brands already use Facebook to reach global audiences. In December, Domino’s Pizza celebrated its 51st birthday and its presence in more than 70 markets, by offering customers in 19 countries a 50% off any menu-priced pizza ordered online via a specialized Facebook tab.

Making It Easier for Global Use

To assist companies in cross-border campaigns, Facebook has been focusing on making it easier to internationalize and localize apps—aka I18N.

In this post, it provides a detailed overview of recent changes it has made to make Open Graph apps I18N ready. The post also describes the process by which strings are translated for use in varying locales, as well as discusses the impact of I18N on the user experience.


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