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Are Twitter Users Finally Okay With the (Ever Increasing) Ads?

Twitter's user base - a crowd long believed to view anything smacking of advertising as anathema - may have to accommodate more changes to Twitter’s model. The site is considering placing its Promoted Tweets in the main timeline of Tweets, FT Technology reports.

Other options it is considering include offers similar to Groupon, enhanced profile pages for brands and new tools that would allow advertisers to pre-schedule posts, the FT said.

Dipping Its Toes

The company started testing the proposed Promoted Tweet feature in HootSuite last year, the Washington Post notes. Whether users will swallow these latest changes remains to be seen. They successfully pushed back against Twitter's attempt to place Quick Bar in its mobile iOS app that published, among the trending topics, paid, promoted tweets, the Post noted.

There is one line, however, that Twitter apparently will not cross - and this may go far with its more orthodox users. Spokesperson Matt Graves told the Post that companies will never be able to edit Tweets about a brand. The suggested changes to Promoted Tweets may or may not materialize, depending on how its discussions with marketers go, he also said.

Twitter Users Getting More Commercial

One publication, The Independent, thinks users are finally get accustomed to ads in Twitter, at least based on the latest round of Tweets. "A quick review of tweets including the terms "Twitter" and "ads" returned” rather benign opinions about the proposed ads, it reported. That may be because more Twitter users are tapping the service to follow brands. Recent data from Compete found that 56% of those who follow a brand on Twitter say they are "more likely" to make a purchase of that brand's products compared to a 47% lift for those who "Like" a brand on Facebook. Twitter also has smaller edges in the percentage of followers who are more likely to visit a website (62% compared to 60%) and recommend (59% compared to 55%).

Other commercial options under discussion include deals and offers similar in style to rival Groupon, which aggregates consumer demand for time-limited specific offers. It is also looking at introducing enhanced profile pages for brands and media management tools, which could allow advertisers to pre-schedule 140-character posts.


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