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Apple to Bring Internet, TV Set Closer Together

Speculation has been that Apple Computer boss Steve Jobs is set to make a big announcement on Tuesday having to do with connecting the PC to the television set.

Jobs's next effort is believed to be an effort to transform the digital distribution of Hollywood movies, much as Apple has altered the music distribution model with its iTunes Music Store, writes the New York Times. But Apple execs have hinted that the next big thing is bigger than merely offering movies on video iPods. Some are speculating that "digital convergence" in the home will be a step closer after tomorrow.

With broadband access to homes now a widespread reality, the problem that Apple is likely attacking is the use of internet technology to deliver high-definition video to TV. Part of the conjecturing revolves around a living-room-ready version of the company's least expensive computer, the Mac Mini, capable of playing DVDs, downloading internet data like digital movies and including a TV tuner.

More intriguing is that Apple may use wireless technologies to stream digital content from a Mac to the TV. That approach would keep Hollywood digital video content securely on a Mac, and streaming to the TV would be via copy-protecting connection technology.


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