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Apple Explores Flash Alternative for Web Apps, Mobile

the missing link

Last week at the WWDC, Apple revealed details of its use of SproutCore, a JavaScript framework and Flash alternative, reports Apple Insider.

SproutCore creates web applications that behave like Desktop apps: enabling drag-and-drop, click-and-drag, and keyboard shortcuts, says MacRumors.

It also acts as an alternative to Adobe's Flash player. Unlike Flash, SproutCore-based apps operate on any up-to-date web browser without a plugin.

Last March, Steve Jobs stated the company has no plans to bring Flash to the iPhone. Arguing Flash would slow applications down, Steve alluded to a "missing product in the middle" that would behave like Flash, without the setbacks.

Once iPhone's SDK went live, Adobe nonetheless announced it would launch an iPhone-ready Flash client. It also closed a deal to bring Flash to the Windows Mobile OS, a move relaying Adobe's confidence in Flash's ability to perform on mobile units.

Apple's .Mac Web Gallery and MobileMe suite were built on the SproutCore framework.


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