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Another Sign That Facebook Is Moving to Mobile

With rumors that Facebook is about to launch a mobile ad offering swirling, the industry is scouring the landscape for signs that, yes, indeed, Facebook is moving in this direction.

It got such as sign with news of an agreement with Bango for "payment services." (via All Facebook). The agreement with Bango calls for the provision of mobile payment services to Facebook for undisclosed terms.

Analytics Too also notes that Bango’s offers analytics for mobile web sites as well as apps. The services it offers helps publishers not only track what content "works" but also can be used to build profiles to sell advertising and marketing services, it points out.

More Likely to Buy

The deal likely means Facebook wants to help its users purchase apps, Facebook Credits, and other related items on its service, directly via its mobile app, writes Zdnet.

"By having the costs charged directly to a user’s mobile phone bill (meaning they don’t have to enter a credit card number for every purchase), Facebook members may be more likely to buy content."


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