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Amazon Launches $399 Connected Ebook Reader, Kindle

Kindle strikes a pose

Amazon has launched Kindle, a digital reader for ebooks. Kindle can store 200 books at once.

Announcing the $399 reader yesterday in New York, CEO Jeff Bezos said Kindle has one dynamic feature that sets it apart from previous readers: It enables users to wirelessly download books, newspapers, and other publications.

Bezos also feels Kindle "would be more comfortable for people to curl up with than previous reading devices," reports the New York Times.

With Cambridge-based E Ink technology — also used by the $299 Sony Reader — Kindle weighs just 10.3 ounces, uses less power and generates less heat because there is no backlight for the display.

Though Amazon covers data transmission, downloads will come at a cost, making Kindle an expensive endeavor. Best sellers will cost $9.99, a New York Times subscription will cost $13.99 a month, and the Wall Street Journal $9.99 a month. A selection of 300 blogs will cost between $0.99 to $1.99 a month.

But being the world's largest bookseller, Amazon will offer 90,000 books and about 90 percent of current best sellers right out of the gate.

Meanwhile, the Sony Reader has only 20,000 titles for sale after a year on the market.


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