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Agencies Hire Fewer Media People in Robotic World | Adobe Platform Upgraded | Amazon, Tumblr Add to Mobile Offerings

Robot Invasion:

  • Agencies, while being someone disintermediated, also have a financial incentive to jump on the media trading desk band wagon. As one executive in an Adweek column noted: "We also had to hire fewer people. Our revenue per person increased, and our expense ratios improved. About 20 percent of our nonsearch digital budget is managed by the trading desk. We think that will increase significantly in 2013. When that happens, we'll need even fewer people."


  • In a decidedly non-robotic tradition, the upfronts started a little early this year. Reports indicate a profusion of expensive presentations and provision of breakfasts, lunches and dinners without break for an extended number of weeks. Online and other media have tried to horn in on the tradition, creating ancillary events for bulk media sales. A longitudinal measure of piling on from year to year may be the average incremental waist line increases of the New York City media buyers.
  • Adobe bifurcated its main marketing automation platform in the process of upgrading its flagship product, launching a "standard option" and "premium" option.


  • Tumblr checks the mobile checkbox.
  • Amazon checks the mobile checkbox.


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